Staging of the AAA Chain in the Silicon Valley—Targeting Pain Points of Big Data with Baoerye and other Famous Figures as Leading Investors


For all this time, the entire big data industry has been deeply concerned about the data security on centralized data platforms and the possibility of it’s being manipulated by magnates, which has become an impediment to the full-speed development of the industry. Aiming at the settlement of these pain points, on February 6 at 10 o'clock Beijing Time in the morning (February 5 1810 o'clock Pacific time), the world debut the roadshow of AAA Chain project was launched on the “2018 Blockchain Top Summit” in Silicon Valley, on which the subject “how to apply blockchain technology into the big data industry” was heatedly discussed among many industry leaders.
The well-known Angel Investor in the field of blockchain—Guo Hongcai, the founder of AAA Chain—Liu Song, the youngest visiting professor of Berkeley—Shuo, the founder of Thunder—Zou Shenglong, the founder of Bodhi Market Forecast—Lin Xiahong, the chief blockchain columnist of the famous tech media, Innovation Tech in the United States—Rachel and the Chief Strategy Officer of the famous blockchain project Theta Labs—Wes et al. attended the Summit.

Experts Shared Talks on the “2018 Blockchain Top Summit” in Silicon Valley
Big Data is the most important cornerstone of the modern economy and is an industry with large scale. The typical characteristic of big data industry lies in its reliance on data as the foundation throughout the industry. However, due to the absence of an effective solution to the core issues of common concern including data security on centralized data platforms, possibility of data’s being manipulated by magnates, trust during data circulation and confirmation of rights, many data suppliers have become “isolated data islands” fighting separately in the dispersed industry. Under such situation, we need “running water” to link the “isolated islands” so as to fully release the industry value mounting to trillion. As expected, the blockchain may become the “running water” to address these pain points.
As an expert at blockchain technology, the founder of AAA Chain, Liu Song pointed out that, the best reform opportunity that might be brought about by blockchain to the big data industry lay in: the possibility of reconstruction of relations of production of the entire big data industry on the basis of blockchain; the rebuilding of a new ecological system that stretches across industrial application providers, general technology providers and platform application providers with a decentralized, fully autonomous open data platform as the cornerstone and with credible data flow as the axis.
AAA Chain (App Alliance Association Chain) was designed for this new ecosystem exactly. It is an independent publicly-owned chain that devotes itself to the creation of an open and sharing platform for big data that consists of massive DApp applications, that is decentralized and autonomous, and that protects privacy security by using blockchain technology.   
On this Summit, Liu Song revealed that AAA Chain was now commencing on the research and development of the “Blockchain autonomous open data platform”, whose main features are as follows: 
(1) Making data assets traceable and their rights confirmable. Using the advantages of blockchain technology including decentralized trust mechanism, tamper-proof, transparent billing, common supervision, traceability and others, changing the data under different kinds of subject properties into protected virtual assets, so that we could realize “Carefree Chain Connection” for the massive data without third-party certification. 
(2) Making data transaction safe, credible and fair. Fundamentally avoiding the possibility of data sedimentation on the platform through P2P transaction; guaranteeing transaction fairness with smart contracts; ensuring that data could only be used by the purchaser through Asymmetric Cryptography technology; avoiding purchaser‘s resale of data on the platform with electronic signature of the data; building a data evaluation mechanism to screen valuable data by using smart contracts and community consensus. 
(3) Collecting numerous vertical scenario application APPs worldwide to form an “application data alliance”. On the basis of its massive multidimensional data, performing data exchange, consumption, updating, integration and upgrading by using Token incentives, continuously improving user data portraits. 
(4) Combining user privacy protection with user data autonomy. Realizing the integration and uniform management of user data across screens and APPs by unifying user's digital identity; user data is fully owned by the user, who can decide on himself/herself who to open to, how to charge, and can track the use of data throughout the process. 
After realization of the connection between “isolated data islands”, AAA Chain will obtain a wide range of application fields such as big data advertising marketing, data analysis and mining, credit investigation, data asset transactions, and engaging in real estate, finance, tourism and many other industries. 
AAA Chain’s founder Liu Song answering questions from the audience
By report, AAA Chain was launched in December 2017, and was favored by Erbao (“Baoerye” Guo Hongcai), Zhao Dong, Wang Binsheng, Yang Linke and Node Capital, Dfund, Creation Ventures, Jiuding Blockchain Laboratory, Timestamp Capital, BTCC and many other top investment institutions and individuals in the blockchain field. According to the development plan of the project, the project will first gradually activate the instant messaging application ecology covering 50 million daily active users, 170,000 cooperate Apps and 1 billion mobile terminals. On the premise of the massive endorsement of user data, AAA Chain will not cover up its own ambition: the vision of AAA Chain is to become the big data public chain platform with the world's largest user scale as well as data size. 
It should also be noted that, different from the traditional centralized Internet platform, the platform is not going to be subject to the control of AAA Chain’s founding team in the future even though the team created and built AAA Chain. The founding team will use the Consensus Mechanism of blockchain technology, smart contract, code open source and other means to gradually build AAA Chain into a public chain platform that is not controlled by any organization or individual, fully autonomous and owned by the community jointly, so as to realize the value claim of a fully credible platform. 

Blockchain technology has brought about a revolution of decentralization. The so-called ”decentralization” refers to the avoidance of evildoing by any centralized company or individual or those of the absolute right of control. Blockchain technology has introduced to the traditional industries a feasible way to completely eliminate evil actions. The founding team of AAA Chain will gradually deliver the administrative power over AAA Chain to the community and the code after the launching and steady operation of AAA Chain in the future and accomplish its historic mission. After that, it will not (and cannot) dictatorially control the development of the platform.
“Re-form your life along with the reform of the industry, that is the blockchain spirit”, said Liu Song. 
On the “2018 Blockchain Top Summit” in Silicon Valley


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