Project Highlights

AAAChain's project mission is to democratize access to data by enabling a next-generation decentralized data marketplace built on blockchain. The AAAChain platform leverages blockchain's ecosystem of an IPFS-based distributed database, smart contracts, DPOS consensus algorithm, and immutable ledger for handing secure data exchanges.

Big data powers all business, consumer, and enterprise-grade applications across multiple dimensions and disciplines. From Artificial Intelligence to eCommerce or advertising to financial services, fast-n-easy access to diverse, rich and up-to-date data makes everything possible.

The AAAChain, in partnership with several leading mobile app developers across more than 170,000 apps, enables the largest open data platform and data marketplace for buyers and sellers of user demographic and behavior patterns across a variety of industries, taxonomies, and world regions.

How it Works

Data Capture, Record, and Classify

-AAAChain project supports a unified multidimensional data classification structure, based on user demographics, buying behavior, and app usage statistics.

-SDKs capture and record anonymous user data based on device ID, data type, data description (metadata), and encrypted user behavior data content.

-API for managing and handling data trading, transmission, maintaining transaction records, and providing data quality feedback.

Secure and Trusted Data Exchange Marketplace

-Decentralized data exchange marketplace is "owned" by the community .

-Encrypted user data resides on IPFS-based distributed database, while data index, description and taxonomy is written to the AAA public blockchain.

-Buyers and sellers of data have transparent, market-driven fair pricing.

-Data validity/accuracy is verified by built-in trust and consensus mechanism (DPOS).

Open Multidimensional Data Platform to Level the Playing Field

-Traditional cloud-based big data platforms are managed by monolithic entities with absolute authority and control, and no oversight or audit by buyers. At the same time, end-users have little to no ability to block or revoke personal private data.

-AAAChain data marketplace enables P2P data transactions between buyers & sellers through smart contracts, fair and open data pricing, and verified data quality scoring (consensus mechanism).

-Asymmetric encryption ensures that data transactions are secure, untampered and not resold.

User Privacy & Control, Data Verification & Authenticity

-Individual User data rights are preserved and protected through a unified digital identity.

-Users retain control over data access and sharing permissions.

-Data is verified and authenticated via cross-application mapping.

-AAA Alliance network of over 170,000 apps ensures broad, complete, and accurate data.

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